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Originally Posted by RChMI
... To traverse each centre/chakra and hold each in attainment individually and as a whole, was to become an ideal of spiritual perfection in material form. Hence the phrase in Revelation "I am the Alpha and the Omega."
You’re partly right. The declaration actually refers to the Logos (spelt AUM or AOM, but corresponding to the three mother letters alef-shin-mem respectively), wherein alpha and omega are the means of traversing the distance between I (pron. “ee”), the intoning of one’s smile (to represent the body), and M (pron. “mm”), the intoning of contentment itself (to represent ‘God the Father’, the knower, or part of the Triune Self that comprehends things eternal, with whom the doer has had a ‘rift’). The 'AO' of the Logos thus represents the entire vowel spectrum, proceeding from ‘front’ to ‘back’ vowels... but eta is a late-comer to this vowel party, being originally H, not E.

Now the Logos for man represents the process of the Great Work: focus rising from body (I, the Nigredo) to the doer (A, the Albedo) in the body, who then becomes reunited first with the thinker (U or O, the Rubedo), then with the knower (M, ‘gold’), having lifted awareness from the fleeting present in which doer acts through the thinker’s realm of finite durations to the realm of the eternal. (Without ‘I’ as starting-point, the Logos AUM will tend to dissociate self from body, as has occurred for Tibetan Buddhism as a whole.) The opus thus described takes seven steps, whose corresponding seats are prostate-kidneys-adrenals-heart-lungs-pituitary(rear)-pineal. I’m sure these must relate to the chakras in some way, there being seven of both, considering that Yoga has as its goal perfection of the body just as does true Christianity (Jesus “perfected the body,” according to medieval tradition) and alchemy.

The problem is that the planetary organs are not the same seven, near as I can ascertain. The lungs are the atmosphere of the sun (heart), the adrenals the atmosphere of the moon (kidneys). Still, these ‘atmospheres’ include the active planetary powers in their ‘layers’: Saturn and Jupiter are part of the activity of the sun’s atmosphere (airy layer), Mars part of that of the moon’s. This leaves Venus and Mercury, which are of the passive side of the watery layer and thus sub-aspects of luna herself, in a sense. All this is very untidy. Still, I am attempting to provide accurate mapping here, for those truly interested in the Science of Man. I admit to little understanding of the chakras and the science I’m sure stands behind them, but of Hermetic science’s mechanism where planetary spirits are concerned—which is alchemy, not astrology—I have some expertise.
Originally Posted by jmd
...traditionally, as one related the image of the Tree of Life to the Image of the likeness of Adam Kadmon, Malkut is the base upon which rests his feet. Similarly (mutatis mutandum), it is Keter that appears at the location as the pinnacle of his head.
Actually Keter is a ray of light equal to A.K.’s height in length emanating from the crown of Its head upward (or from twice Its height down to Its crown, if you wish). And I would argue there is more to Malkut than just the ground under A.K.'s feet: in fact, it is the individual self or knower inhabiting the A.K. body that is the Shekinah and Malkut ultimately, though in us it points downward in a sense (since we cannot seem to find the direction 'within').
... The problem I personally see, however, is that we have here a two-fold removal of the problem, with connections that are themselves questionable between the Tree of Life and the Chakram, and these latter and the Mithraic grades, and then again between the Mithraic grades and the Tree of Life.
Too true.
... The cost may be, however (and in my view), that the peculiar unveiling of one system (for example, those of the Tree of Life) may be marred by shadings from another (whether Chakral or Mithraic considerations).
In principle I agree with this last... but with the proviso that if there are correlations that went into either the Tree of Pips or the letter-Trumps originally, they would (do) enhance, rather than mar. Oh, and the proviso that if there actually is a deeper science of man-and-cosmos—the priscia sapientia Isaac Newton pursued through his alchemy—and either Tree or Trumps (or both) belong to it, then correlations germane to that would (do) enhance, rather than mar, again. But in spirit I absolutely agree with you.
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