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The Lover's Path: King of Arrows - Adonis

Kris Waldherr describes Adonis, King of Arrows (Swords), as "the only man capable of breaking Venus's heart". Venus had asked Adonis not to hunt dangerous animals, but Adonis hunted a wild boar and was killed by it. Adonis died in the arms of Venus, and she sprinkled some of his blood on the earth, creating the delicate wood anemone. In some versions of the story his drops of blood become red roses, and Venus's tears become the anemones.

There are stories of Adonis here and here. The complete text of Shakespeare's Venus and Adonis is online here.

Kris places Adonis on "his throne set high in the clouds", which I presume is after his death. This painting has several similarities to that of Venus, including the dark mountains in the distance, the brooding clouds, and the passionate orange furniture. Adonis has a rather austere look, a sharpness in his eyes, and like Venus, an orange jewel marks his third eye. His analysis, like hers, is guided by intuition. He wears brown earthy clothing, and carries a sturdy looking arrow. Adonis is now an arial hunter, and his prey is the truth. Kris suggests that the bouquet of anemones represents his love lost, for "he has moved beyond emotion into the realm of pure thought". Although we recognize his intellectual power, it is with a twinge of compassion for his loss.
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