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Originally posted by Dead Star
... but then there is the International Icon. I'd like to see what Rota has to say about this. Was it a joke, or meant to be used in reading? Or both? Perhaps it just influences the cards around it in some way?
On another website which I will not mention (because it might be misconstrued) there is an interview with Rota, who very briefly mentions the Happy Squirrel.

I for one am convinced that it was supposed to be included with the TdM, but there was confusion about L'écureuil heureux, L'Escargot Lent, and the subsequent numbering issue.

Had we been discussing the Tarot de Deutsch (the TdD), perhaps the difference would have been between das glückliche eichhörnchen and schreckliche französische schnecken. See? No problems.

So one must go to the source.

As for the fortune teller running away, that was started by a poster long ago who did little to no research on the thorny problem.
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