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Legend: Six of Shields, Castle of Maidens

Although there is a serious undertone to this card, when I look at the Legend Six of Shields and consider the Castle of Maidens, I cannot help but remember the parody from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. In that scene Sir Galahad the Pure encounters the Castle Anthrax from which shines the false grail beacon and has to be rescued from the desires of 150 seductive women by Sir Lancelot the Brave. In this image, there is certainly a look of admiration in the women's eyes for their handsome, gentlemanly and powerful rescuer. The woman with long curly red hair dressed in a regal green cloak is holding Galahad's right hand in both of hers, in lingering and perhaps proprietary gratitude.

But this card goes quite a bit deeper, speaking of Galahad rescuing the women from captivity, rape and murder, and restoring the governance of the castle to its rightful feminine heir. While a castle can be a symbol of security, stability and authority, in its negatives is speaks of possession, exploitation and cruelty. Galahad in effect gives the women's bodies and souls - their castles - back to them so that they are the rightful sovereigns of their own selves.
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