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Originally Posted by danny18 View Post
I found this link regarding the original rider mentioned unless I make a mistake
''The Italian publisher Lo Scarabeo did an edition last year called the: Tarocchi Rider Waite which is rather good but purists will not like it because of the computer type card titles and the multiple languages (almost all Lo Scarabeo decks have multiple languages).''

Also do you know if there is any difference between the commemorative set from us games and the
Centenary Special Rider-Waite by lo scarabeo? other than the name of the cards in all the languages
Welcome to Aeclectic, danny18!

The US Games Commemorative set comes with softbound version of the Pictorial Key to the Tarot (although it doesn't have pictures!), a book on Pamela Colman Smith and some postcards of her art. The images have all been tinted/tea stained a green-ish color. Some folks love the color and some hate it. See this thread for more info on the USG deck.

The Lo Scarabeo version looks more like the yellow-box US Games version, but the images have been cropped slightly to accommodate the multilingual titles. If I remember correctly they also added rays to the Sun card. See this thread for more info on the LoS deck.

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