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Originally posted by retrokat
I doubt I'll be able to get hold of empty boxes from USGS, so I was thinking along the same lines - you can send me batches of boxes for signing, shouldn't be too expensive as they're probably pretty light...
I was just concerned that boxes would be more likely to suffer damage in transit -- either from crushing of the outer package if shipped "as is", or from the "flattening" process if they were sent in their collapsed form (unless they were received that way from USG to begin with).

Most of the signed decks I own have the artist's signature on the title card or similar, but as far as facilitating the distribution of signed copies of the Golden Tarot in North America, I actually have no particular objections to one method or the other, as long as buyers realize that the decks are new, and any "irregularities" (i.e., lack of shrinkwrap and/or unusal signs of "wear" to the outer box) are simply the result of the process.

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