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Ebay members/distribution suggestion?

...I found out many good vendors want a positive feedback rating and dislike negative comments. Thanks for letting us know, the moment I have a nice member buyer rating from vendors, so if I get a chance, a note from an ebay member might be a good alert to potential buyers.
So us Retrokat fans might add comments to beware, until the real thing becomes available. I'm hoping there is a date---autumn??? before 2004...I'm waiting until then for a real Lo Scarabeo reproduction of another historical tarocchi.
My fingers are crossed.
Maybe you can also distribute in the U.S. through they can take a preorder and you are allowed to obtain a certain number to autograph, then maybe Tarotgarden can be the midway point for us in the U.S....just a thought.
Thanks for your news and tarot,
Mari Hoshizaki
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