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Hi Freesiaskye,

I've just had word from US Games that the cards will be 74mm x 123mm.

Not as large as you were probably hoping for, but at least easy to handle. I'm quite happy about that as I'm really hoping people buy the deck to use more than for collecting

I expect if it sells, USGS will consider making alternate sizes and versions. They said they should be able to give me a Recommended Retail Price for the initial release shortly, so I'll post it here when I know.

Speaking of, I've just reworked if anyone's interested in having a look. More Rider-Waitish now. Ah well. They'd like me to ditch the knight altogether, but I'm quite attached to him. *sigh* We'll see how the card ends up. I hope there's still some trace of my original, as I liked it a lot and don't want it to just be a RW clone.

Not that I'm complaining. USGS have actually exerted very little editorial pressure re my designs. They've given me a pretty free reign, and I'm a very happy Kat
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