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Awww, thanks for your kind words Tarotphelia. It's been over a year since I handed over the deck, so it's been a bit of a wait for me too... Apparently its featured in the new USGS catalogue, as I've received emails from bookshops telling me how much they like it. Yay! I've asked USGS for a copy, maybe it will finally seem real when I see that.

Originally posted by Tarotphelia

Now: What next? Might I suggest a tarot using the Pre-Raphaelite works?? (Please?.. Pretty Please?)

I love the Pre-Raphs too, but the technical glitch is that in the UK, copyright exists until 80yrs after the death of the artist. Given when most Pre-Raphaelite paintings were done (and most of them were done by young men) that narrows the field of what I can use substantially. And negotiating usage rights for source material that isn't yet Public Domain is beyond my means

Maybe in a few decades? *grin*

I'm currently collecting source material for my next deck. I haven't got a deal yet, I figure it depends how well Golden Tarot does as to whether I get offered a contract for another deck so I haven't even put in a submission yet. And I guess I should keep my idea a bit quiet until/if I get a deal - considering how much piracy has gone on with Golden Tarot, my common sense tends to dominate over my trusting nature these days! I can tell you this much, though - it will be along the same lines as GT. But more so, if that makes sense.
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