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Yup -- I've seen the USG catalog listing for the Golden Tarot now. I'm hoping to have the deck included on our website "Upcoming Releases" by next week.

RRP is listed at US$ 20. The catalog confirms October as the target release date. Here's the descriptive blurb that's included:

"Comprised of collage imagery from the European masters paintings, the Golden Tarot is a stunning addition to any tarot collection. The cards are beautifully treated with gilt edges and the deck is specially packaged in a deluxe display box. While the deck pays tribute to artwork of the Middle Ages and early Renaissance, it celebrates the exploration of tarot and its artistic heritage. Kat Black's interpretation is both welcoming and modern while remaining true to the original traditions of the Rider-Waite."

[Any spelling errors that may appear in the above would be my own.]

There -- now we can all start salivating all over again!

-- Jeannette

P.S. -- I've got an extra copy of the catalog. If you want me to send it your way, just let me know by forum post, PM, or direct email.
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