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Fret not Hedera! There will also be the deck/book set. Not sure if the same release date is scheduled for that if it's not in the catalogue. I guess the book will be available separately too, for people who've already got the deck.

At least, I *hope* they release the book, since I bothered to write one and it would be nice to get some royalties for the effort

It was a bit odd writing the book, because I've written mostly for websites and I kept the same conversational, casual style. I expected USGS to edit me heavily for that reason, but they've pretty much kept it as I've written.

BTW, I've been told off by a Moderator for including 'personal' posts on this board, whereas I was under the impression that other people might be interested in any of the gossip re the deck (even the fact that Jeannette's given me my first peek at the deck's box). What are your feelings, all? I guess I can move the GT Gossip Board elsewhere if my posts aren't within guidelines here.
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