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I saw the bags...

...yes they are pretty...maybe make them available to with a signed card from you for the GoldenTarot releases? Llewelln sells such bags for about seven to eight dollars and I'd be glad to pay three dollars more for a Golden Tarot card plus your 5.00 asking price.
I notice Arnell Ando sells her early version of the Transformational Tarot from her website and a calendar of her work. I bought her earlier deck--I think it's called Hero's Journey
If any of your older card versions are ever in a set offered by you, I'd like to know. Maybe Kat Black's Medieval Times Tarocchi--with Justice and Strength NOT switched to the 20th century mode.
(I regret seeing that---Stuart Kaplan's Ukiyoe Tarot of the Edo period had Marseilles ordering as far I remember.)
Thanks for the link. I saw TarotGarden's upcoming releases page and am on their waiting list for your deck.
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