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Talking Booklet contents

Oh my! I've finally got the edit galleys for the booklet from US Games so I can tell you what's in the book/let. It looks very nice.

There was originally going to be both a mini booklet that went with the deck (for people who just bought the deck) and also a proper hard-cover book for people who wanted more (to be sold as a book/deck set). When I heard that the publishers were just doing a mini-book with the deck, I was a bit worried that it wouldn't include all of the information about the art sources - but just today I've received the galleys and am happy to say that it's all in there

So it looks like that for your twenty bucks or so Recommended Retail Price in the US, you'll get the deck and also a book that has most of the tarot information from my website as well as a listing of all of the art sources for every single card (there are over a thousand elements in the deck!). The catalog says the book's 120 pages, but the version I've just received to proof is 200 pages.

I was a bit worried when the whole 'deluxe' release was decided on by the publishers, but now I reckon that it looks to be very good value - plug, plug

Latest word is for release in late October. I hope it gets to Australia in time for Christmas. If so, I bet my family & friends can all guess what they're getting from *me* this year...
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