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Originally posted by retrokat
I'll be really cheeky and suggest that you could look for Xmas presents at
I guess I shouldn't be one to gripe, since you had asked for suggestions and I did not answer, but I notice that most of your gift items focus on the female figures of the tarot. The only exceptions I see are the Magician tee and The Devil BBQ apron (cute idea, but doesn't it play into the stereotype too? The male as the master of the barbeque)

Where I am most disappointed in this is with the mug. The only two choices are queens. I am a big mug afficionado now. I would think it would be great to have a Hanged Man mug. Coffee certainly does change my perspective!! Plus when I tip it to get the "good to the last drop", he becomes right-side up!

And if I had my druthers, I would love a mug with my significator: The King of Wands. Being a creative, intellectual writer, coffee is sometimes a necessary stimulant! As a matter of fact, when I saw the thumbnail image on your website, I could have sworn he was holding a coffee mug in his right hand (turned out to be the arm of his throne).. In any case, he looks like he could use a good stiff belt of java!!
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