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Waiting ...

Yet I am a bit disappointed as I loved so much the Hermit and the Chariot from the first version of the deck.

Last spring, I almost bought a pirat copy after falling in love with the images on eBay where the seller only described it as "Beautiful tarot deck" without name ... Fortunately, I asked here what this gorgeous deck was and I was replied immediately "don't buy it!" ... Later the auction was prematurely closed (probably cancelled) after Kat and/or her publishers reported to eBay.

So there isn't a legal paper deck of the version 1.0, is there? Can I print it at home, for my personal use? Sure the images wouldn't look like a manufactured deck but still ... Has anyone done it? Did it succeed? I insist that this would be absolutely for my personal use and I pre-ordered the version 2.0 already ...

Never waited so long for a deck ;-) Nice feeling though ...

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