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Printing version 1.0

Long before I got the deal with US Games, a fan who I'd never met asked if she could download and print the version 1.0 deck for her own personal use, and I agreed. After all, the original version of the deck had been stolen and commercially pirated/published in Germany so what's left to protect? I did the original version as a labour of love, not for money.

That kind fan not only printed a version for herself, but also a copy for me. I'd never been able to print it off myself as I couldn't afford to do so - and then this copy arrived Air Mail from the fan in New York - she'd even painstakingly assembled a little booklet from my interpretations on the site! I was speechless.

The version she printed certainly wasn't good quality as it was only ever created at 72dpi, but it looked a lot nicer than the tiny pirated version.

As though that's not generous enough, that same fan then started a campaign, which led to both me & publishers being inundated with emails from tarot fans all over the world begging us to publish. It must have had some impact, as USGS approached me and ASKED me to submit a formal application (which they immediately accepted). In all my years of not even being able to get publishers or literary agents to even look at my various projects I knew how incredibly lucky I was!

Anyway, so if I EVER complain about a fan using my work for their personal use, may I get struck down in my tracks.

As an artist who's struggled to make a living from my work for many years, of course my attitude to people who steal my stuff for personal gain is different (such as the eBayer you mentioned). But if you want to print a copy of the original (pre-US Games) version, for your own home use and never to sell - then please, be my guest

On a positive note, I'm ASSURED by US Games that the deck is out this month (January) - although I still haven't even seen a copy myself. I hear it looks good from people in the US who have actually seen one of the two copies that the Publisher has. The box is very nice apparently - I didn't design it so I'm not asking for any credit on that one

Oh, and HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! Wishing you all love, happiness and pretty shiny things to fondle.
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