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Originally Posted by Altena
Those decks are highly dangerous and the kind I regret buying the most. The Vampire Tarot of the Eternal Night, Fenestra, Dark Angels and the LS Shaman Tarot are the obvious choices here
I received the Fenestra as a gift and I didn't really want to use it. I thought that the images were too drab but as soon as I started shuffling it, that changed. It turned out to be a deck that speaks to me in a soft way.

Lots of people here seem to really dislike the Vampire Tarot of the Eternal Night but I love mine. I really regret just buying the deck though -- if I had bought the kit I would have gotten the book (which I really want for the spreads in it.)

For some reason I like that type of art which is why I suppose I also love my Tarot of the Elves too. (That one jumped right off of the shelf and landed on my feet.)

I still wish I hadn't bought the Prediction and the Londa. Both of them I bought on a whim and paid more for them because they are OOP.

I also bought two copies of the Inspiration Tarot and while I have been meaning to use them to make my own decks I haven't done so. (I even spent a lot of money on the workbook.) I'm wishing now that I had just used that money on other decks that were already created.
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