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At the beginning of the year I came to a realization.
I bought way to many decks last year. So many that I couldn't take enough time (as if there is ever really enough time) to get to know them as they arrived.

So I put myself on restriction. No more new decks untill I spend some quality time with each of the ones I have. Of course I did exempt Kats deck from the restriction. After all I placed the order before my self imposed buying ban. ( A legitimate technicality. Fellow Tarotholics back me up on this PLEASE!)

I did however decide that I may not open the package untill I have gotten comfortable with at least 20 of decks I already have. At the time of this post I am on #8.

This decision has made the waiting easier to deal with for now. I just keep reminding my self that waiting to open it up is much easier this way, compared with how tempting it will be when the deck actually arrives.

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