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Re: Another one for Tarot Garden

Originally posted by Kissa

PS: Signed copies are available from Tarot Garden, this is an unbeatable argument for your husband ... It is like a hockey helmet signed by Selšnne ...

Edited to add: i suppose you tried to order ir from Suomalainen Kirjakauppa. There are two "Golden tarot" with the same ISBN and one is said to be LoScarabeo/Llewellyn... I don't get it, it is US Games??!! Forget it, go straight to TG... You will get it sooner
Unfortunately (or then not) my husband has no interest in sports... Atleast not in the sports men usually are interested in (he likes bicycling and all kinds of car stuff), so I can't use the comparison you offered...

I actually was thinking about ordering the deck from Bookplus, it's a really large online bookstore that can be found at I've been able to get books that otherwise would be hard to get from there. However, it has already taken them three weeks and still no sign of my RRW or Bunning's book...

Actually, Suomalainen Kirjakauppa (Finnish Bookstore) once answered me when I inquired would it be possible to order tarot cards from them that they 'can't quarantee that they could deliver such items because sometimes contacts in for example America refuse to send such items abroad'... Weird!! Because other bookstores have not reported any problems...

I believe what they were talking about was that in some countries it is against the law to send items like playing cards etc. through mail into that country. However, it is not forbidden in Finland and you would think that they would check things like legislation first! Why would these items be available for ordering if in reality you can't get them?
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