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I didn't know that my deck was being printed in China until my own copy (finally) arrived. Almost all of the US Games decks I have were printed in Belgium. I too suspected that the delays were at least partly because it's being made in China rather than their usual arrangement with (some of the world's best) printers in Belgium.

The quality is very good, though. And US Games told me that there is no way that they could have produced such a high quality deck AND a heavy-duty box AND a nearly-200-page mini-book for RRP of US$25 unless it was done in China.

I'm getting swamped by emails re the Amazon cancellations, but there's nothing I can do. The deck got pulled from Amazon once before - and I expect this time the reason is the same as that first time, a lack of communication between the publisher and distributor, and perhaps the distributor not checking with the publisher before decising to lose patience and delete it from their stock list. It's VERY frustrating, and also costs me money (all those 5% commissions were starting to add up!). The really hair-tearing thing is that it's happened sooo close to release (if US Games "next week" is true).

Some people will have placed their Amazon orders thorough Aecletic too, so poor Aeclectic will lose those commissions as well. *sigh* Same with Jeannette - with her preorder discount, sending me cards to sign etc, she certainly won't be making anything out of this first flood of orders, and it's a lot of work for her to sort out too! I'm sure that Jeannette and Solandia, like me, are just determined to get you your decks ASAP and aren't concerned about making money as our primary goal, but it's nice to be paid for one's work too!

I still haven't heard from US Games about the Amazon cancellations. One of the many buyers who emailed me actually got a response from US Games Customer Service, and are now getting their deck through there. Hmmm.

Perhaps if the people who emailed me also email US Games, they might get the message that... AMAZON HAVE CANCELLED ALL THE PRE-ORDERS! Grrr.

I'm off to email US Games Customer Service now. Perhaps I'll get a response.
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