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Re: Amazon

Originally posted by gregor
I too had my pre-order cancelled. But I found that amazon was quite happy to let me order it again (though at the more expensive rate), despite the "not available from any of our sources" message.

I wonder if people who ordered it at the more expensive rate had their orders cancelled? (cynical....).

Arrghhh, same thing happened to me. They simply cancelled my order without asking me first, even erased all record of my having placed the order. Luckily I held on to the confirmation I received when I originally pre-ordered it. I wrote them a message, letting them know that I have seen messages from the author, Kat Black, and that it IS available, or will be, that is. I told them that I fully expect to pay the price I was guaranteed when I ordered it and I have proof of the purchase price I was given when I ordered it. Furthermore, that I still receive the free shipping offer that was part of my original order.

I will hold them to that promise. I think you should also, as well as anyone else whose order was "cancelled" so that they could get you to pay the full $25.

Amazon is getting big for its britches, and needs to be taken down a notch or two every now and then
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