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Talking Tall Tale or True?

I just heard from US Games - they were all off at a Trade Show for a few days hence no response earlier. Now I've been told the reason for this last delay.

After all the other reasons that have added up to the deck being 6 months or so late, this has to be the most bizarre. Lucky I'm not the paranoid type....

The shipment was unloaded from (The Slow Boat From) China on the West Coast, then was put on a train to get to US Games on the East Coast. In Vancouver, there was an avalanche and the train got derailed. So all the freight has to be sorted out and sent by road or whatever.

Hopefully that means it should all be sorted pretty soon. Unless they're all covered in mud or something.

So... if you ever DO manage to get hold of your copies from this first edition, you'll know it's already had a more exciting life than most of us
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