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Well first things first.... and I was starting to feel like I'd never get to say this but...

THE DECKS ARE IN! They've been received by US Games and are being despatched to stores as I write

Happy happy happy happy Kat!!!!!!

First person to post that they've received their deck can have a free tarot bag - and you don't count, Jeannette

I think I've explained somewhere way back on this board about why I had to abandon most of the images from version 1 - mostly image quality, as well as the piracy meaning that I had to collage more heavily to ensure that they are all legally 'new and original works of art'.

The first deck was made in a couple of weeks at low res, so not a lot of effort went into it (either with the research or the actual construction), hence it was a bit ambiguous and not nearly as "collaged' as the new deck.

Hopefully you can't tell just HOW heavily collaged the new deck is if I've done what I intended well enough - tried to make them look like complete paintings, even though they contain elements from many paintings (eg head from one, hands from another, robe from another, etc etc).

The amount of research I did with the published version was huge, too. I feel I can defend just about every element in every card - or at least explain it, why I've used it, where that fits in the tarot tradition (or my own personal reasons, such as the black swan on the chariot, as it represents my home state of Western Australia).

The first deck was just, well, to be honest, the first picture I came up with for each card that "felt" right to me, with some basic additional elements added but that was about it. It certainly wasn't terribly scholarly, Considering the level of detailed questions I already get about "why did you put this there?" I'm glad that I did a pretty thorough job of researching & constructing the published version

Due to the time difference, I've just got up and am off to teach a class - web development for graphic design students. I wonder if they'll believe my avalanche story?
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