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Originally posted by Khatruman
My suspicion is that they offered a pre-order price which wouldn't give them a profit once they found out what the deck would be listing for. They, of course, couldn't tell people who pre-ordered that they would now have to pay a higher price, so they conveniently got that information that it wouldn't be released (interesting that it happened just before release).

If you look on Amazon's site, the deck is still listed, but now for $25.
I am not sure your theory is right. I pre-ordered some time ago (but not as early as many of you I guess) at the $25 price and they still cancel my pre-order.

I still hate that they just cancelled without informing, warning or trying to offer anything to compensate huge deceptions...

I think the whole stuff is just a big quiproquo (or a mess if you prefer) between US Games and the rest of the world.. even Mother Nature was again them, naughty Lady, sending them avalanches and stuff ...

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