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Originally posted by Aure
Oh, just something regarding Tarot Garden, I would love to order from that place but I'm not sure what the payment methods are, so...
We accept pretty much every (legal) payment method there is, although for non-cash payments in currencies other than US$ (that usually means check/cheque or money/postal order in EUR, Yen, etc.), we now have to include the equivalent of a US$ 5 bank fee to cover our own deposit and conversion costs.

Direct payments by credit card or online payment services, check or money/postal order in US$, and cash in any currency incur no additional fees.

Oddly, with the dollar so very weak against other currencies these days, including the Euro, we're actually running a bit less expensive for European customers on some of the massmarket titles, even when differences in shipping cost are taken into account. But it just sort of depends...

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