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Cong-a-rats! Finally! <and the rats dance on>


You do realise that when the W.A. orders come through that CALM will start a burn off, which will turn into a bushfire, that will trap the 'deck' truck, that will.............

<dull *THWACK* sound>


When you sign the decks from Tarot Garden will you be signing the whole deck (front or back of card?), book, box? Big loopy signature, small inna corner? etc

I am going to order a deck through Tarot Garden and would like it signed (book, box and maybe the deck's 'title' card?), but since I'm in Canberra now (got a job! yesssssssss!), you posting it back to J&L in the USA seems a bit redundant. Could you post it directly to Canberra? Or would it be easier for me to order it and send it on to you, if, of course, that is possible? Pretty please?
I'll email Tarot Garden and ask them too.

Cheers and Happiness,

Heidi Aussie
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