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Originally posted by retrokat
Hi Jeannette and anyone who's ordering signed decks,

Sorry I didn't get back to you before you sent out your emails re Golden Tarot!

I agree that the box isn't ideal to sign as it's so dark. I can sign it with a gold pen, but it might scratch off relatively easily. Also, it's going to be more expensive and awkward to send boxes to Australia & back, more likely to get damaged than cards as well.

I think that signing the front of the Author card is the best bet.

On a similar note, I'm signing individual cards to sell on eBay, for example, for people who have an unsigned deck and just want an inexpensive way to get it signed. People can bid on one of their favourite cards and have it as an "extra" with their deck.

Do you all think people would prefer the front of the card to be signed (ie, scrawled over the picture) or the back (relatively plain gold back, shows signature well, but then you couldn't use it in the deck & it would be more of a keepsake).

My partner collects signed "Magic The Gathering" cards and he tells me I have to sign over the picture, but I'm not so sure as it's a lot more readable on the gold patterned back.

All opinions welcomed!
Hello Retrokat!

I think having individual cards signed is an excellant idea whether you use the front or the back. Maybe when you auction certain cards on Ebay you can say you will sign them after the auction is won at the winner request (front or back). Do you think you will have a buy it now feature?

I was going to have my deck signed but when I heard that they were in stock at Tarot Garden......the anxious, excited part of me just could wait any longer. I HAD to have the deck now! LOL. So, I would probably try to get an autographed card unless the prices go up too high!

You could even set a buy it now price and list a quantity of cards you want to sign and then we could email you when we won which one we'd like. Just a suggestion.

Thank you Jeanette for sending my deck out yesterday. I appreciate it!

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