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I got my copy today

And later, after I finish taxes, this will be one of the first that I would give as gifts or recommend to those who want something that feels like Medieval and Renaissance art.

The Page of Cups had a message that I couldn't decipher, but when I paged through the sources, I found a lovely background reference to the verdigris background from the Schifanioa Palace, month of March. Ferarra and art of many other of the city-states of Italy and Europe has found it's way to an exquisite deck, spun magically to a woven tapestry of images.

I was curious about the swords, a very difficult suit for many designers. This was beautifully done and the Page of Swords is actually deliciously humerous. I like the Queen of Swords as well.

I had enjoyed Jane Lyle's Lovers Tarot for a long time, but some of the propotions from Oliver Bursten's collages didn't seem quite human to me. But these collages have a very proportional perspective. and the Rider Waite imagery and ordering is very well-done.

I know others will review this deck and discuss it in detail. I think for me it gathers a great deal of my European Renaissance studies in one place and will be a lovely inspiration for a long time.

I do not know why, but the age of old European paintings and their feudal costumes and attitudes seem to blend into a storylike pagentry that comes home now, from such a distant past. It could be the distance of age, but the familiarity of Western history that seems to merge it into an allegory that feels right to me.

I'll have to think how else to use this stunningly wonderful deck, somehow it fits with the Ferrarese poetry I like so well.

Thanks so much for keeping us updated and doing so much, just to not only keep us so HAPPY to hear, but DELIGHTED to receive this treasure.

Of course I am shouting, so I'll then whisper...congradulations and thank you very very much...

Mari Hoshizaki
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