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Hi Mari,

Thanks so much for your praise, I'm honoured that someone as scholarly as yourself is looking at the deck in so much detail (this is where I keep my fingers crossed that I've done my homework well enough!). I'm SO glad that USGS agreed to include the artwork references in the book, even though it almost doubled the size of the book.

I didn't know that there was another deck using the Ferrara Venus, but it doesn't surprise me, nothing's really original

Hmmmm... Now that you mention it, I should have left Mars kneeling before her

One other little factor that I'm not sure if it's mentioned in the book, is that I made one of the swans drawing the chariot black, to represent Western Australia, my home state. The black swan is our state bird, and they're very majestic. This was one of the few obviously personal references that had nothing to do with tarot tradition.
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