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Amazon is an enigma to me...

I've been told "Amazon are notoriously difficult to deal with" and I've definitely found that to be true. I guess they're so huge, so much of their operation is automated. I've never managed to deal with a real human being there, and there seems to be a complex and mysterious web of inter-relationships in their distribution.

I've told USGS that it's been pulled altogether of the Amazon US site (last week) despite the fact that some people have been told by Amazon that their decks have actually been despatched (thanks Lark!). I believe that USGS are trying as best they can to sort out the obvious contradiction (how can they be sending out decks if according to their site it no longer exists?). It's very frustrating to say the least.

The only reason I haven't given up on Amazon altogether given the repeated problems is that their reach is huge - thanks to their very effective affiliate program, the deck was available for sale on scores of sites including my own. They're the only online vendor from whom I can get a commission on sales from my site, and thus hopefully cover the costs of keeping my site open.

As mentioned a few days ago, I hope that Amazon (US) will sort out their error within a few days, especially since they've obviously physically received copies to dispatch to the few people who managed to get in orders in that small window between the original mass order cancellation and the deck getting pulled altogether from the site. Argh.

Sure, email them. They might listen to a buyer more than the author & publisher! The ISBN is 1572814349 1 and their ASIN was 1572814349.
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