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Hey Maan! I am really excited about this interview of yours. If you need any help proofreading at the end I could do that--it's up to you. He might be a very private person and not want to be interviewed but I think it important that you ask and try to contact him.

One thing I'd like to ask Graham about: Is he an illustrator or does he paint? Outside of this deck, there doesn't seem to be any mention of his work, I'd like to know if he works as an artist full time and what sort of sketching or painting he does. I'd also be interested in if he likes digital graphics and uses a computer at all for artwork.

Also, since he does seem to have a delightful sense of a good story and charming characters, does he writes books or poems or plays or anything like that?

I'd also be interested in the story of how US Games became aware of his deck and published it. It is a very unusual deck and publishers generally don't take chances on the unusual it seems to me.

Ask him if he owns many tarot decks and what they are.

Ask him what kind of books he likes to read and if he has a favourite author. (If he likes William Blake, he's mine!)

Just kidding (sort of.) If I think of any other questions I'll post them.
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