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I re-discovered this image last night...

...and found it beautifully evocative to quiet my mind and think of 're-union' between the things I found dear between heaven and earth.

Right afterwards, I washed a florite sphere that I had and 'looked' at it. I saw cloudy and delicate pair of wisps, light white figures on a cloudy background. It seemed to me the beautiful Archeon images in my mind inspired a dreamy mood and was a gentle 'portal' of inner vision.

My mind's eye saw them walking and perhaps, other light silhouettes dancing or walking around them. It was lovely, and to ground myself afterwards, I took a shower and thought about having husband came in from his walk and I packed my things away, to write about it later.

But of course I forgot until this morning--I was reminded to look for threads of the Archeon.

I think the slightly shadowy images worked for me last night and helped me focus...doesn't always happen. Lovely to know this tarot worked for this!

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