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The Moon...more

I was telling a friend (over email) that I've recently been feeling out of whack...and noticed last week (I think) that there was a full-moon out.

Anyway, so...I referred to the RWS "Moon" card in my email...showed her a pic and as I was explaining to her what I thought this card was all about, I felt like I made a connection regarding the dogs.

I initially thought the dogs were BOTH barking/baying at the moon, but I'm thinking now that the wolf(?) on the right is sitting and just looking at the moon. Of course, in sitting and being quiet, he's not really expressing "wild animal" tendencies. He's also facing the tower on the left of the card.

The dog (domesticated, some say) on the other side of the path is leaving his "training" behind...and allowing his primal urges to, he bays at the moon. This dog is facing the moon.

It's like both animals experience an "unexpected" change in behavior considering the traits or characteristics we associate with them based on the types of animals they are: domesticated vs. wild.

The crustacean appears...crawling from water to land...perhaps a metaphor for the beginnings of life as we know it (at least science explains it this way). A reference to beginnings? Primal urges?

I think this card is about innate tendencies upsetting the social balance....and no matter what we do to mask such tendencies (we have laws, mores, rules, social-training, etc.)...we still have them......i.e., the dog is the domesticated ancestor of the wolf, but he still has his tendencies to feel "wild" again...if provoked. In this instance, the Moon provokes the dog.

In this card The Moon eclipses the Sun (the Sun is a metaphor for joy, right?)...masks it, but the Sun is still the Sun...and the mask only lasts for a short while. So, in other words, joy is temporarily suspended while darker feelings/behaviors take over.

Rachel Pollack's "Seventy-Eight Degrees Of Wisdom" has a lengthy chapter on this card..and it is fascinating reading.

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