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court card arrangements

Hi i'm new but decided to enter into the fray at this point .

i noticed the exchange of ideas about the arrangement of the court cards specifically the knights .

Crowley's move away from traditional tiltles from kings in RWS deck to his interpretation called knights .

I think he did this to express the universe as changing dynamic force the knight is virile creative- king is static established

the laws of marriage prevent you from marrying within your own clan to prevent inbreeding,etc . intuitively perhaps we were aware of this a long time ago

By providing a wide gene pool to improve the families lot the king would arrange marriages to ensure his daughter had the the best possilble chance of providing an heir

I think Crowley's uses history to explain how he thought the knights function was superior to that of the king hence his position in the thoth deck .

At first sight it would show the knight in a higher position to that of the king.traditionaly we believe the king as being that yod of tetragrammation

the knight would take the kingdom by force marry the daughter maybe kill the king ,but immediately is enthroned , the knight becomes the highest and so the cycle goes .

the knight provides the same function as the king in other decks the creator ,inseminator ,the originator as reflected in the arrangement with Queen ,prince princess to follow,its just that

crowley brings his own ideas to the tarot and switching between pack identities sometimes catches us off guard like talking english then switching to french.

formula of teragrammaton and other ideas on sub elements , court cards, as has been suggested by others might help to settle this down

hope this has helped

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