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Originally Posted by Surja76
She looks like nurse taking something only with clean hands or gloves.
Oh, good call! Yes. There is something of an old fashioned nurse about her, even to the cap she's wearing.

it means that girl can do nothing with housekeeping. Her hands and movements are seemed to held down.
Interesting. The white gloves certainly go with the rest of the outfit, as if she is, as you said cocooned, but elegantly, richly. It has that ivory tower feel about it. This is not a lady who is ever going to do housework. And I agree entirely that she might be a play on the girl raised in a secluded tower or among hot house plants.

Or, more likely given the mystical side of her, a girl raised to be a special holy woman, untouchable, remote, delicate, etc. Her separation from the world is necessary in order for her to understand the esoteric.

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