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8 pointed Star through the greater Arcana

The Star (XVII) = Wheel of Fortune(10) + The Chariot(7)
On the Starcard we find 1 Big Yellow big Star and 7 Little white stars.
All are Eightpointed as 17= 1+ 7 = 8
The Wheel of Fortune has eight spokes and the Chariot: a eightpointed star on his head.
X:The eight lines are symbolic for the 4 corners of space North South West and East and Time. (the 2 equinoxes and 2 solstices)
Also the fool (0) has eightspoked wheels on his tunic.
In the chariot we can see a square(4) and a triangle(3) which first returns in Temperance (XIV) in the emblem and then in the Woman of the star. The womans makes a square with her legs and a triangle with her arms.

XIV the entrance into the world of darkness (Devil, Tower)
Devil= Capricorn : wintersolstice, begin of Winter
XVII The way back to the Light (Moon, Sun)
Moon=Pisces : Spring Equinox, begin of Spring
VII: Chariot=cancer : 21 june:The longest Day

XIV mixes and unites opposed powers and change these powers in something different and XVII gives life, from the source, spiritual Insight through the naked Soul.

On XIV we see IRIS (the flower)
On XVII we see IBIS (The bird) and the Yellow Star Venus ISIS
Somehow this have to do with SIRIUS (the dogstar, also called the Prince....)
When we look above us to Heaven, we See Orion followed on feet by Sirius.
Sirius is the clearest Star in Canis Major and is The Eye of the DOG.
Orion in hebrew means: FOOL Feathered with Bands.
(The belt of the fool as belt of Orion, and the dog as Sirius)
Of Orion is also told that is stands not in our Zodiac but "next to it". (As the fool is related to the greater arcana)
Waite says in PKT: The Fool is the Prince of the Other World!!

Sirius is a TWIN Star which makes a DNA movement in heaven (Sirius A + B)
Sirius is the astronomical fundament of Egyptian religion
Sirius was ISIS and Orion OSIRIS
IN GD Uranus (Fool) rules over Aquarius (Star)

There are 8 paths on the way of Buddha
In Christianity 8 is the number of Christ
In Islam the eightpointed stars is called Khatim Sulayman (Seal of the profets)
In Sumeria the eightpointed star represented The Goddess INANNA(Queen of the heaven) ISHTAR-Astarte: bringer of Light.
Pagan: The 8 Rituals for the seasons:Imbolc, Vernal Equinox, Beltane, Litha, Lugnasadh, Autumnequinox, Haloween and The wintersolstice Yule.
Hindu: Manas(Spirit), Vayu(Air), Akash(Ether); Pritvi(Earth); Ahamkara(Ego);
Ap(Water); Buddhi(Intelligence) and Tejas(Fire)
Universal symbolism of the 8: balance, harmony and cosmic order.

Also the Star is XVII
X 10 plants
V 5 streams
II 2 Urns

The 7 white stars we also can see as the Pleiads, the 7 Sisters.
A beautiful example of As Above, So Below.
In the apocalyse there are 7 letters to the 7 Churches.
The pleiads in heaven do have the exact layout as the Churches on Earth
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