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Originally Posted by Hemera View Post
To me it looks like there is a wedding gown and a wedding bouquet below the bench she is sitting on and there is blood all over them and also on her knife. So has she been cutting someone´s wedding dress - maybe it´s her own? Does this mean she has outgrown something or someone?

Yes, I think that could be one way of looking at this card: the Daughter of Knives has sliced that wedding dress and she is defensive about it but not sure what to do next. What do you think?
Well, there are white roses on the snow I can see them, as for the wedding dress not at all. But wedding dresses are usually white and snow is white so it's possible there could be a wedding dress mixed with snow that we barely see. On the Three of Knives she was wearing black, on this card white. It's possible she cut off the bottom of that wedding dress she wore.

Being a Swords people myself I think I can add some insights. Back when I was a teenager, my friends were thinking about marriage and were already looking for baby names. In my case I was not thinking about that at all. I was more thinking that I wanted to know so much. I felt the time I was given would never be enough, and I wanted to be eternal so I'd have the time to go everywhere and discover everything, and study, and read all the books, etc. I'm sure it sounded feverish but it's more interesting to me than getting married young and have children. I've never understood people who marry young and have children right away. There is a whole world out there full of possibilities. You finally get out of the house of your parents only to end up in another house. And beside, it seems to me also it's best to resolve some of own issues before living with someone and having children.

Ah well that is my Swords insight on this.
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