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Originally Posted by Leisa View Post

Spiritual illumination in the form of lightning--divine intervention--strikes the oven, cracking it and threatening to destroy it; simultaneously, the black sky of the nigredo is cut in two by the white light of the second stage, the albedo. This is a moment of shattering intensity, at once exhiliarating and threatening. If the oven cannot withstand the illumination, all may be lost. The intensity of the strike separates the solution within the tower into the masculine red and the feminine white. The white liquid will form the white stone to make silver; the red liquid will form the red stone to make gold.

For the two figures at the base of the tower, the moment is one of enlightenment and exhilaration.
The meaning of The Tower from this deck seems to be more positive than in the Rider Waite, which shows more of a chaotic scene.

I see the Tower from this deck as indicating a potential incident which will create change of some kind. From that change comes something valuable or something needed. The figures on the card are grateful for the elements being given and the upheaval that's happening is more of an exciting moment. I kind of like getting this card because to me it says there will be something new happening, or a breaking out of the norm.
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