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Here's my very fast reactions to Wands and Cups.


Ace: this is what you need. A prize a weapon. You need to control it. A gift For me? Shwing! (yes, I also just see the 'bag of dicks.' lol)
2: is he showing me his domain, or is he lost in thought? He wants the world, from his vantage point.
3: the same guy, after much work? Or one of his lieutenants? The sky looks warmer, it is later. The ships are going. Resting and watching.
4: come this way to the party. Procession. The crowd is watching the two performers. It is mid day.
5: it's a dance. It is choreography. It's a rehearsal.
6: parade. The horse seems proud to bear him. There's a huge tarp over the horse, more is going on under there than we can see.
7: are there enemies below? Or is it just the fence? Angry? Frightened? Determined?
8: just which direction are they flying in? Are they flying at all?
9: it's the same landscape as the 8. he looks like he is checking the first stave. Alert. PTSD.
10: he is holding up much, but he is also proceeding along. That's why the bunch is separating.
page: an envoy. He is examining the bud. Tiny mountains or in the distance? Pyramids?
knight: he's also checking his stick. Barging in.
queen. The cat is protected and looks at you with no fear. Proud queen. But still has a flower. But not a "pretty" flower. She's got things to watch. That horizon is approaching.
king: a salamander not a cat. his staves are crossed, he seems perturbed. Bad temper?


Ace: a godly presentation. Here it is, dunk the Host.
2: a trade or a toast. The lion approves. But are they ready? Ceremony?
Three: a true toast. Harvest dance.
Four: he ignores the cup. Petulant. Distracted by the three cups…from the 3 of Cups?
Five: sad, in mourning. Ignoring the two cups… Of the 2 of cups? He sees the downcast contents of the three cups … of the 3 of cups?
Six: he is giving it to her? Or are they just playing at giving it? Securely guarded.
Seven: what other cards contain this stuff? The tower? The six of wands? Is this the salamander all grown up? Death? Snake? Beatific face of a major? Riches? Glowing concealed… Temperance? Star?
Eight: an eclipse. I'm out of here. Set them up Joe, I'm going home. He or she is looking at the moon in two phases at once, like the moon card.
Nine: happy, smug, guarding. Are they his? Yes.
10: a gift for us. But look what WE got here. It just clicked. Not just good fortune, but set free.
page: here's a fish that talks.
Knight: the fish left me this cup. I'm proud of it, and my ceremoniously capering horse.
Queen: a bigger river, a fancier cup. Here it is… A gift. Okay, thanks. I think.
King: I like big cups, and I cannot lie. I like to keep my toes in the water. He's a ruler, but a part of him would just like to take a swim. But still he rules.
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