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trust yourself

Originally Posted by TaranRavenfrost
I love my Thoth, but all these post say "Learn RWS first!" What is a 15 year old boy to do?
Trust yourself. How's that for a start?

Tarot decks are doorways. Enter the doorway that beckons to you now.

You can learn the Thoth pips if the deck inspires you.

Choosing a deck (or being chosen by one), learning, exploring, shuffling and dreaming it: these, too, are some of the lessons Tarot offers us as gifts. These lessons have many other applications. Do you like this person better, or that one? Which one "should" you enter into a relationship with? With which one do you become a better person? With which do you become more yourself?

Not so different, hmmm?

Taran, I don't need my cards to know you'll do just fine.

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