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Originally Posted by wizzle
The Thoth deck is so tightly aligned with astrology for the pips and trumps, that I can't believe the court cards aren't as well. And I think Liz Greene cracked the code perfectly, i.e. kings/princes are the fixed signs, queens the cardinal signs and kights the mutable signs.
It's important to keep in mind that in the Golden Dawn system - which Crowley follows for the minor arcana - a King, Queen or Knight doesn't correspond to one single sign of the zodiac, but, rather, the last decan of one sign and the first two decans of the next sign in the circle. For example, the Queen of Wands corresponds to the last decan (the last 10 degrees) of Pisces and the first two decans (the first 20 degrees) of Aries. Thus, the Queen of Wands isn't just cardinal Fire (Aries) but, also, mutable Water (Pisces) in part.
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