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Question Name That Angel!

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, this is your host, rachelcat, and now it's time for the RWS edition of Name That Angel!

1. Who is the angel on the Lovers card? In other decks, the Lovers are joined/blessed by Cupid, a priest, the Hierophant, or the Hermit. But who is this angel?

2. (As is being discussed on another thread.) Who are the creatures on the corners of the Wheel? As far as I can tell, they are the Four Living Creatures of Ezekiel, whom he saw when he saw the Wheel in the sky. Is that the same as Cherubim? Since they have books, they are correlated to the four Evangelists. Which one is which? They can also be correlated to the four fixed signs of the zodiac: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius. (Why is Scorpio represented by an eagle? Why is the Water Carrier an air sign?)

2. Is Justice the archangel Michael? No wings and looks pretty female, but my handy-dandy angel book I got out of the library shows Michael as judge of the dead with scales and a sword. According to the Llewellyn catalog, Michael is the archangel of direction and protection and the south.

3. Is Death the angel of death? Angel book says the angel of death is Suriel. Any other ideas?

4. Name the Temperance angel. (My vote is for Raphael; Llewellyn catalog says he is the archangel of healing, creativity and the sun and the east.)

5. Is this Devil the fallen angel, Lucifer? Or maybe Beelzebub, Lord of the Flies?

6. The Judgement angel is obviously Gabriel, horn and all. Llewellyn says archangel of inspiration and reconciliation and the west. Angel book says she is a female angel and has many illustrations of the Annunciation.

7. The four living creatures are back without their books in the World. Are they the same or different creatures? (In Thoth, they are also on the corners of the Hierophant, but only as masks, representing the empty shell of a worn out religion!)

8. What about those disembodied hands in the aces and the 4 of Cups? Are they part of/from angels?

Let's play Name that Angel! All answers will be entertained.
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