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Archeon Tarot - 2 of Cups

I just bought this deck last night. Couldnt resist! Beautiful artwork!

The 2 of cups bothered me though, because she seemed alone and I am used to the 2 of Cups being 2 people, a partnering/relationship.

But, I worked it out in my head. This deck begs to be looked at with an eye for storytelling and imagination as to what's going on in the card. The LWB doesnt say much about the minor arcana. Maybe a good thing. I have the 2 of cups all worked out for me and I dont want it spoiled. haha!

So here is how I see it:

Her posture says it all. She isnt alone. You just don't see her lover/partner behind her as they kiss the back of her neck.

And the fact that there are 2 cups and not one, tells me she was expecting this person and set the 2 cups out- filled with some sweet exotic wine or liquer of some kind. They are in for a fun night!

What are your thoughts and how do you see this card?
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