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Originally Posted by a_shikhs
Thanks a lot for the lovely information. I guess im gonna buy this deck as i am suddenly attracted to it again.. I feel as if this deck has some mysterious power to it.. I am planning to buy the pocket version of this deck. How is the mini version??
When it comes to Thoth bigger is always better. But the mini-Thoth is still a nice little deck. Even though the cards only measure 8.9cm x 5.6cm the image quality is still very good.

Is that the size you are planning to get? Some people confuse the pocket deck with the standard size deck because that only measures 11cm x 7cm and is a little smaller that most other Tarot decks. More playing card size really.

The large one is the best for study and looking at small details. But the 14cm x 9.5cm card size is a little large for some people to shuffle.
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