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Did you know the unicursal hexagram was "invented" by a mathemetician named Pascal who stated that it represented the center of a circle which is everywhere, the circumfrance of which is nowhere? That puts you and me and everything else at the center of creation. God is everywhere. Also, bring to mind the Sun symbol and John Dee's "Hieroglyphics Monad."

The same thing is described by this understanding of the Unicursal Hexagram as a symbol for the hyperbola. This is exactly what Pascal was saying, since his discovery of the unicursal hexagram came from his study of conics, of which the hyperbola is a very strange aspect which results in a unicursal hexagram. So, it seems logical that it would also be what Crowley was saying. Especially, since Crowley put every man and woman at the center of creation: Every man and woman is a star (sun symbol), you have no right to but thy will ("not my will, but thine"). The True Will is the influx of the One Will as the superconsciousness projects into the Soul. Along these paths from Bina and Chokmah to Tiphareth are the various combinations of the archetypes which take shape in Tiphareth as the Son/Sun or soul of man. This soul then projects into the personality of Yesod which reflects to the Self-consciousness of man in Malkuth.
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