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This card really speaks to me, as it is one of the less extravegant cards artistically, but it's beauty is in simple details. What really gets me is how the lovers are so dependent on each other, how they show how much they want each other. The angel, or faerie, leans desperately into the man, it looks like she doesn't have the strength to stand on her own, though the passion of their kiss has her wings flailed out in ecstasy. The man, though looking like a solid figure, is also desperately latching onto the angel, his arms pulling her into his embrace, needing her as much as she needs him. They mold together, it is difficult/impossible to tell where one of them ends and the other begins in some areas.

But this card also screams danger and warning to me as much as it does with passion. The fire at their feet isn't welcoming or setting a pleasant mood for their kiss. They are in the middle of danger that can overcome them, but they don't seem to care. The mood is almost of a sinister nature, the omnious clouds shrouding most of it's body as it glares down at the lovers, it's red color looking more dangerous than passionate as well. The rest of the scenery is clouded, as if only passion and danger exist.

This card has me confused as it has me satisfied. It is pretty clear what the situation is, but what is this card telling us? Is this of forbbiden love, with the danger and red moon, abandonning everything for the person (or thing) we love, even if it harms us? Or does this speak of love that surpasses everything, love that will let the world shatter and crumble, as long as they are with each other?
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