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While the above images show the Jewish Execution with dogs and/or fire, another iconographic tradition includes demons in images of the Jewish Execution. The two images below were included on Leon Efron's page about the Jewish Execution, (no longer online). Efron quoted the following passage from the Standard Jewish Encyclopedia.

Execution, Jewish: In the middle ages capital sentences against Jews were frequently carried out in an especially brutal manner, the victims being hung not by the neck but by the heels in such a way as to cause maximum suffering. Frequently, dogs were strung up on either side. Traces of the J.E. are found in Spain, the Balearic Islands, N Italy and especially Germany. It was known until the 17th cent.
A 1607 illustration of the "Jewish Execution" from the Jewish Encyclopedia.

An illustration of the hanged Jew Ulmann from the play Ein Schoen Christlich new Spil von Kinderzucht, by Johann Rassern, 1573. The Devil is removing his body from the gallows. Image from Encyclopedia Judaica, 1972.

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