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Career, Work and Finances:

What does the card mean if you are searching for work?
If you don't have a clear image of a job you're looking for, decide on one. Then go actively hunting for it. You have all the skills you need, but you need to get fired up about your goal.

What does it tell you about your current work situation?
It makes you excited. It's sitting at just the right level of challenge and skill mastery. You're involved in a little bit of everything, positioned between the newbs and the experienced guys.

What career paths may be associated with the card?
A salesperson. A flight coordinator. A campaigner. Someone working in a NGO. A secretary. A helpdesk/call center employee. A dancer.

What does the card tell you about your financial situation?
You've got clear financial goals and you're on your way to fulfill them.

Personality Types:

Imagine you ‘are’ the card. What does it feel like to be this card?
I'm excited. I'm in motion. I'm getting there. I know just what to do. I'm in a creative trance, totally absorbed and joyful. I have found my purpose. I can do something about it, no more waiting. I am the master of my fate. I have passed difficult tests and emerged victorious. I have guidance of animals and spiritual beings. I am alive.

What would it be like to meet this person/card?
I would be swept in her enthusiasm, or left aside if not needed. I would admire her sacrifices and total concentration, as well as joy she gets from her life I would be a part of her project. I would be passionate about it – either a supporter or a detractor. I would learn from her and be intimidated by her, as a person of success and action. I would be exhausted by her intensity.

Relationships and Love:

What does the card mean if you are searching for love?
That person. Yes, them. You know exactly who I'm talking about. The one that makes you feel all hot. Go ask them out, right now.

In a relationship?
You've got the person you were after and the sparks are flying. Lots of hot sex. Potentially also hot arguments.

Trying to fix a relationship?
As diagnosis: someone in the relationship is overly goal-oriented and the goal may seem to be more important than the other person in the relationship. There's no quiet time together – only go, go, go.

As advice: figure out what you want out of the relationship and start actively working towards it. Make sure you're not treating the other person instrumentally – they are your partner in this dance. Be willing to communicate and serve as a mediator between other involved people, if any.

What does the card tell you about other types of relationships in your life (e.g. friends, family, colleagues, etc.)
You're the middle child, the mediator, the person with their fingers in all the pies. You're the life of the party.


What is the deeper spiritual message or lesson of the card?
There are two necessary components before taking action: you need to determine (verbalise) what your goal is, and account for all your tools and skills.

What does this card tell you about your own spiritual journey?
You've found something that excites you. This is the path that you should take. However, you need to take care not to become obsessed with a single detail: a balanced mastery of all realms of life is required.

Wellbeing and Health:

What does the card tell you about your general health and well-being?
Very active mentally and physically. There is a potential risk of overwork.

What might be some specific health issues associated with the card? (Remember, though, that if you are not a health professional, do not give specific health advice, unless qualified.)
Sports related injuries. Exhaustion. Overwork.
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