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On closer inspection, this card seems to retain much of the traditional Rider Waite Smith meaning, bringing all four elements into play in one moment. The background is divided into four quarters, which appear to relate to each element. She has the wand on fire in one hand, in one quarter segment, the knife or sword in another quarter segment. Interestingly, her knife or sword is in contact with lightening. I myself, have harnessed the energy of a good storm during spellwork, too, although not coming into such direct contact with it as this woman!

She has one foot in water, in another quarter segment. The other foot, in another segment is in the earth. To me, this speaks to the idea of 'walking with one foot in the physical world, and one in the otherworld'. Otherworld being, the subconscious, our imagination, the spiritual world, etc. Her wearing of the leopard skin makes me think of shapeshifting, which to me can be considered a magical practice, as well as connecting the otherworld to the physical world. Shapeshifting in shamanic journeying can be an ecstatic, empowering experience! It would definitely be a powerful mindset for performing magic.

I don't know much about Egyptian culture, but I'm just going to guess that the Sphynx might drive home the Otherworldly point just that little bit more? All in all, I do love this card very much. This woman is really feeling her work, and appears as though she is in an ecstatic state as she works her magic.
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