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Motherpeace Tarot - The Magician

The Magician:

As she performs her ritual of empowerment and manifestation, she aligns herself with her spiritual needs. She gazes towards the sphinx. The challenges are ever present. Can she maintain her focus, work through the obstacles of achieving her goals? Can she keep a cool head in spite of emotional challenges?

She is in touch with the elements, the different aspects of herself as well as the ways of manifestation in the outer world. Her passion burns brightly in the form of the torch in her left hand, her feminine side, ruled by the right hemisphere of her brain – she has creativity to achieve her goals. In her right hand her athame is raised, conducting the electrical currents of freshness, new-ness, belief in oneself, and inspiration – the air is charged with the vitality of her intent, new ideas, and fresh perspectives. New ideas that can make her more active in the world. One foot touches stones, representing her physical goals, what she wants to manifest for herself. It may not be easy, making these goals manifest, but she is determined. The other foot streams water from dipping into the jar. She is in touch with her compassion. Her ideas are vibrant, and she is passionate, but she has awareness of how her actions affect the whole. She is sensitive to her own needs. She knows that a strong ability to function out in the world is balanced by a spiritual focus and practice that is grounding and harmonizing for her.
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